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swedish massage
Winnersh & Wokingham

The perfect massage is to relax the entire body, Swedish Massage can also help improve blood circulation, increase the level of oxygen in the blood, help the body removes toxins, improve flexibility, ease tension and helps with pain management.

This innovative treatments can reduce pain, rid the body of tension and dispel fatigue, leaving you feeling rejuvenated from the inside out.

With pressure tailored to your request, this classic Swedish massage is designed to reduce tension and mental fatigue, resulting in a feeling of wellbeing and total relaxation.

Swedish Massage Session

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Whether you are experiencing insomnia or anxiety, persistent tiredness or muscle pain, alternative treatments can help with a number of complaints. Using the most trusted historic traditions, combined with innovative research into the success of non-intrusive methods, alternative treatments are paving the way for individuals looking to nurture their health without the use of pharmaceutical medicines.

Taking a natural approach to wellbeing, whilst aiming to promote the balance between the body’s various systems and the brain’s health, alternative remedies are a brilliant choice for those in search of sustainable solutions without side effects.

A relaxing massage stimulates the release of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine which are positive hormones that reduce stress and increase relaxation.

Rooted in a holistic approach to wellbeing, our massage treatments are more than skin deep. Your body is revitalised, mind soothed and spirit lifted – leaving you feeling bright and beautiful long after your session has come to an end.

Along with stiffness and reduced mobility, all your anxieties can be swept away, for a relaxed, re-energised body and spirits. Perfect if you’re office-bound, stressed or overworked, a gym and fitness fanatic, or simply suffering tension or tiredness.

The moment you relax, you are in the present. Relaxation is going beyond time – no past, no future.

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