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Let’s run this town

By September 13, 2022No Comments2 min read

Henley is such a beautiful town with idyllic runs along the river or into the countryside available at our fingertips. So let’s take a look at how we can run this town AND look after our bodies 🙂

Running is well known as a common cause of the body to develop very tight muscles quickly! As well as giving a loss in the range of motion of your joints, and decreased circulation to compressed tissues. When we run, our bodies engage our muscles and produce chemicals, such as endorphins and lactic acid, to provide the sustainable energy we need to keep us running faster & longer.

But when our muscles work harder than they are used to, we develop DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) which results in the stiff and jelly-like feelings we have all experienced after exercise and especially after running!

So how can we help offset this so that we can keep run run running, keeping fit & looking after our gorgeous cardiac health? Massage is an awesome way to reduce the intensity of muscle soreness and promote circulation.

Good circulation is critical to get the oxygen-enriched blood our muscle tissue needs, for rest and repair and especially when we’re using those muscles repeatedly.

The use of long, deep strokes during a massage (especially deep tissue massage or sports massage) can help elongate muscles while also relieving tension and increasing an individual’s range of motion.

These beneficial effects of massage therapy are cumulative, if you’re a keen runner I’d recommend booking in a session at least once month to keep everything in good nik -regular sessions promote a healthy training routine. So, let’s run this town!


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