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Ok ladies, let’s fix this one once and for all! Health & exercise is not a punishment, nor should it be! Life is hard enough as it is without making looking after yourself another source of shame and frustration for not living up to standards or expectations.

Question…has health and fitness for you become a journey defined by punishment, deprivation, frustration, shame and blame for not achieving sustainable results or living up to the latest instagram and magazine shots?

Enough already!!!…

The way you eat, the food you give your body to sustain itself  and move your body should make you feel great about yourself. It should be an enjoyable experience of looking after yourself, self care and doing things that make you feel better, happier & healthier – not worse!

It should be helping you to reduce stress and improve your quality of life. It should be simple enough to turn into a sustainable lifestyle. It should be void of fads, extremes and false information. It should be something you want to do; not something you feel like you have to do.

If the way you eat and work out doesn’t make you feel great about yourself I have to ask, why are you doing it to yourself? Maybe it’s time to level up and demand more from your health and fitness regime. Maybe it’s time to tell yourself that you deserve more than this, life is precious, your body is beautiful and you can find ways that make you feel fabulous! It’s time to demand more from your health and fitness regimen.

Can you find one new way today to turn your health, wellbeing and fitness journey into an empowering, enjoyable process?

Let’s chat again soon!

Gabby x


Massage & Bodywork Therapist - Specialising in Massage Therapy & Bodywork, Deep Tissue Massage, Trauma Informed & Nervous System Regulation.

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