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These sessions can not only lift and support you – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually but can also find the root of your problems and deal with them with a laser-like focus.

When we’re well, energy flows easily throughout our bodies, we have a higher vibration and we feel balanced, grounded and happy – at our absolute best. But when life’s stresses, strains or challenges start to creep in (and let’s face it, there’s no way of stopping them when they do!)  they can create imbalances and energy blocks which can start to play havoc with our mind, body and soul. These treatment works by helping to clear these blocks and restore or even strengthen the body’s natural energy flow and raise your vibe!

The benefits of these gentle, natural and yet powerful processes are to release pain, tension and stress and to promote greater well-being and relaxation, as well as addressing physical and emotional issues at a deeper level.

Although each session is different, you are likely to experience a feeling of stillness, calm, release and a greater sense of perspective. Whatever you feel will be appropriate to your needs at the time.

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We use products with 100% natural ingredients. Because massages should include a healthy dose of lotion or wax – Literally. Plus they are UK made products too, win win!


I have one simple mission – to help people, to alleviate, heal or rebalance the root cause of physical, emotional or psychological imbalance or stress causing pain or disruption to our daily lives.

mind body connection

With our focus on spirituality, well-being and the mind-body connection integrated into all treatments and programs and holistic, forward-thinking approach to wellbeing and results orientated therapies.