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Have you ever wondered where massage therapy originated from or how it started and why we use it as a modern wellness practice? Th is ancient practice is a therapeutic ritual to relieve stress and soothe the body and actually…it has been around for centuries!

Around the world we can see the techniques and massage styles we use today are an awesome gift from the past…

How far into the past? Oh just about 5,000 years ago! The beginnings of ancient massage practice can be traced back to around 3000 BCE in India. and the arrival of Ayurveda which is a practice based on the belief that illnesses or pain can occur when the body is out of alignment with its environment…I agree of course!

It’s a holistic approach where an individual’s entire body is taken into account during treatment, assessing mental, social and environmental factors, as well as the presenting physical symptoms the individual is experiencing. It’s my preferred way to work and whenever possible I like to take a look a the whole picture to try and achieve the best possible results for the client.

From here this holistic approach of Ayurveda traveled across and then we land in ancient Egypt where tomb paintings demonstrate and depict the practice of massage therapy that seems to be a part of the culture by 2500 BCE and it looks like they were the clever clogs to have come up with reflexology!!

Part 2 coming soon…


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