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Hey Hello - i'm gabby!

bodywork & massage therapist

I’d love to help you create more body alignment, mental & spiritual health, joy and wellbeing in a down to earth and grounded way and find what works for you.

I’m a certified bodywork, massage therapist, coach & yoga teacher with over 10 years experience. I am deeply passionate about physical & psychological wellbeing and the strong link between them. I’d love to help you live and achieve wellbeing and health in mind, body and soul, to create and sustain the most awesome life – because that’s what we all deserve.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been passionate about exploring & learning everything and anything that enables self growth, wellbeing & living your best life!

So, let’s find more ease, explore different areas of wellbeing and find what works for you and integrates into your existing lifestyle.

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the backstory

ok, let’s rewind…

I was born and spent my early years in Barbados which I believe gave me an inbuilt love of being in tune with nature, the world and ourselves. ‘Slow living’ and being present, connected and in the moment is as easy as breathing there and those values for life are present for most people.

My mother has always valued holistic health and wellbeing (she is also a therapist) and exploring and connecting to spirituality & self development is a journey we have taken together and separately throughout our lives and it continues today.

After leaving school I started to follow my dream and trained as a performer & dancer in London but after realising self-love and self-care weren’t part of this industry, my dreams changed. I expanded into becoming a bodywork therapist to help guide and show people how truly amazing their body, mind and soul could feel given the right ingredients.

My love of movement, awareness, spirituality and the body has always been there so yoga was a natural next step. Yoga has woven in and out of my life since my late teens. After taking classes for many years and thinking about the idea of teaching yoga I took the plunge and finally decided the time was right to complete my 200 hour teacher training course.

I’ve travelled around the world hungry for knowledge and to grow and learn more about the body, mind, soul & spirituality– the learning never stops and the more you learn the more there is to discover!

Fun facts:

  • Empath
  • Personality Type INFP
  • Star sign – Virgo
  • Dosha – Vata/Pitta
  • Hobbies – Psychology & Creativity
  • Indulgence: Wine & Cheese

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