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the shak shak

Wellbeing for women - it's time for you

Unwind Mind, Body & Soul – Hello, I’m Gabby and welcome to The Shak Shak in the heart of Henley-On-Thames
Take a look at my purpose built ‘shak shak’ therapy treatment room here.

more than just a massage

A knowledgeable and intuitive practitioner with more than 10 years bodywork, holistic healing & wellbeing experience.

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I’d love to help you create more body alignment, mental & spiritual health, joy and wellbeing in a down to earth and grounded way and find what works for you.

It’s important to note that not every massage or therapy session is the same. Nor should it be. Each session will be tailored for you and your needs on each day.  

So let’s find more ease, explore different areas of wellbeing, find what works for you and integrates into your existing lifestyle.

The deep tissue massage is a deeply restorative treatment and is specifically designed for tight, stressed and aching muscles. Our most popular treatment, your body will feel deeply relaxed, muscle pain will be diminished and feelings of anxiety and stress can be relieved.

Working with the nervous system – whether you’re struggling with high levels of stress, burnout, overwhelm, anxiety, apathy, depression (the list goes on…) the reset massage could be a great way to kick start your rebalance or a great addition to your self care routine.

The reiki massage offers reiki energy integrated with massage from top to toe! This is my signature treatment – Lie back, relax & and let the body tune into its own healing powers. Combined with massage the effects are even more deeply felt.

Sports massage focuses on restoring or maintaining the functionality of your muscles. It works at a deep level within the muscle tissue to alleviate pain causing tension. The session is targeted to specific areas of concern highlighted in your consultation.

Swedish & full body massage stimulates the release of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine which are positive hormones that reduce stress. Classic Swedish massage is designed to reduce tension and mental fatigue, resulting in a feeling of wellbeing and total relaxation.

Reiki is a natural healing energy that works on every level. By activating this natural healing process the body can begin to restore to a state of physical well being and activate the body’s ability to heal itself at all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

For those with a history of trauma they are healing from – As trauma lives in the body bodywork can help create a space for your system to digest, process and heal.

If you’re not speaking it, you’re storing it and that gets heavy…something on your mind? need someone to talk to? no judgements. no labels. just empathy, compassion & understanding.

In a safe and supportive environment we will work together to bring about a clearer understanding of your problems, limiting beliefs, concerns, thoughts and feelings, and help to transform them through skilful listening, questioning, tools & techniques.

We have curated a range of wellbeing treatments to put time on hold and create a healing sanctuary that can be handpicked for you.

If requested we can provide in-depth consultations for the best sessions for you.

quality products

I use products with 100% natural ingredients. Because massages should include a healthy dose of lotion or wax – Literally. Plus they are UK made products too, win win!


I have one simple mission – to help people, to alleviate, heal or rebalance the root cause of physical, emotional or psychological imbalance or stress causing pain or disruption to our daily lives.

mind body connection

With focus on spirituality, well-being and the mind-body connection integrated into all treatments and programs and holistic, forward-thinking approach to wellbeing and results orientated therapies.